THE hot, sexy Brit that's known to the world as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter movies. Rupert Grint's known for his shyness, wicked shirts, the term "wicked", his beautiful smile, and cool sense of style in general. He has all of the girls going "Ooh Aah!"
by Lise(Perrty Baby) April 9, 2005
is one of the only guys in the world who can pull off the long red hair thing.
by Kara April 7, 2005
Part of the trio "Daniel-Emma-Rupert"; is the most underrated of the three even if he is the most talented of them. He's the most natural actor out of the three, the most adorable and has got immense sex appeal and charisma. A term used for someone simply irresistible.
"Rupert Grint will last longer than Daniel and Emma in this biz cuz he could actually act and has the potential to be a great comedian."
by Ginjah April 19, 2005
The hottest redhead alive. He plays unbelievably cute Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. And he looks even better in person!
"Omigod! There's Rupert! Tackle him!"
by Chickee April 22, 2005
Gorgeous, wicked-t-shirts-wearing, ham-sandwich-prefering, redheaded teenie actor from Hertfordshire (UK) who stars as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter films, developed rocket-thunderpants as Alan A. Allen and makes all readheads proud!
Rupert Grint beats Dom at Bogies!
by Miss Weasley April 6, 2005
The very good looking man who plays Ronald Weasly in the worldly known Harry Potter films. He is amazing, talented, and very funny. And has the greenest eyes in the world.
Rupert Grint...yeah he's pretty good-looking if I do say so myself.

I get sleezy for Ron Weasly
by mynameisnataliecopeland June 5, 2009