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The recorded programming remaining on your Tivo after you've paused live TV for the purpose of fast forwarding through upcoming commercials.
"Dude, do you have enough runway to skip the commercials in this Golden Girls?"

"Sorry dude, the runway is short so we're lagging by a minute"


"I really want to watch this episode of The Golden Girls uninterrupted but I only paused my Tivo for 5 minutes so I don't have enough runway."
by Jonathan Derby July 21, 2004
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The little strip of pubic hair above the vagina. Forms a run way to the promised land
While muff diving I followed th run way to the promised land.
by Cary the B May 08, 2006
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1. the shaved pubic area of the woman
2. see also landing strip
Wow she kept that runway lookin so hot
by Hmm May 05, 2004
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taking a line of cocaine down the sternum of topless girl with a body shot at the end, causing you to take off the runway
R. Kelly: Hey man, let's do these runways already.
Castro: The girls are already set up on the bed.
*R. Kelly takes runway*
R. Kelly: Damn man, I feel good!
by Brother Castro July 25, 2016
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The skin inbetween the anus and the balls or vagina
i just licked her runway
by raviisaslut March 12, 2017
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Excessively wide gap between a womans tits.
Gary: Hey you know Bazooka Betty, I stroked my cock on her runway and skeeted on all over her face.
by LOON! December 21, 2011
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Area between the ballsack and the asshole
Hey wax my runway for me biatch
by Wayne Weiten October 08, 2009
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