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3 definitions by British Paciic

A person who despises or hates a specific class of a person
A hate B because B is middle class

A: Can you get something nicer, also, what car do you have?
B: No, my salary can't afford it, I don't have a car
A: Just get more money then
B: But I can't
A: You see, these people think they're so good because they're 'middle class', well suck to them, 'middle class' is at the middle, I in fact am a 'Upper class' that means you hooligans stealing our money are under us, you have to listen to ME, not your boss, I can buy the company, shut it down, fire everyone if I like, because I control you, your money.
B: Dude chill, don't be classist.
by British Paciic June 11, 2020
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A place where aircraft takes off/ lands
A: Did you just see that they Buttered the Runway!
B: Eww, DISGUSTING, you dirty brained bastard
A: Errmmmm, Runway, where a plane lands?
by British Paciic June 7, 2020
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A strip of land that is for Aircraft, not nsfw shit
A: That's a landing strip
B: What? you want to see my landing strip
A: Really, can you stop being that fucking disgusting
by British Paciic June 8, 2020
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