The action when a male takes a shit, and does not wipe on purpose. Then walkin carefully to a drunk bitch, or a freaky sober bitch, and proceeding with a Teabag. (the Sticking of both a Males Testicles in the oral oriface of the female). The male then rocks back and forth on the females chest, leaving a skidmark of shit, commonly referred to as "The Runway"
She's passed out dude, go take a shit and give her the Runway.
by Rick A. M. July 30, 2006
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taking a line of cocaine down the sternum of topless girl with a body shot at the end, causing you to take off the runway
R. Kelly: Hey man, let's do these runways already.
Castro: The girls are already set up on the bed.
*R. Kelly takes runway*
R. Kelly: Damn man, I feel good!
by Brother Castro March 15, 2016
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