Entertaining the obligatory fat chick in every group of hot chicks so your boys can get a piece off her friends.
I ran interference last weekend and my bed still doesn't smell right.
by AspiringdeitY August 6, 2003
to protect someone esle from the attention or criticism due for a particular activity; To help someone in the performance of a task, but not directly assisting in the task.

From American Football where certain players are detailed to prevent the opposing team from tackling the palyer with the ball, by interfering with them.
a:"How am I gonna get these Playboys into the house while mom's there?"
b:"You go round the kitchen door, I'll run interference by showing her the job I did on the lawn"
by D F Stuckey May 13, 2004
helping a friend get laid by entertaining her annoying friend, at any cost
Ryan was trying to get into beautiful Tiffany's pants, but her fat and annoying best friend was cock-blocking him, so I ran interference on the bitch.
by David Stewart November 11, 2003
originating from football, to attract attention to yourself or throw yourself into harm's way to help out a friend.
your ex just got here - you leave out the back and i'll run interference.
by Erin May 13, 2004
To cause a commotion make a spectacle of one's self or to just generally draw attention to yourself in order to allow someone to do something.
I had my sister run interference with my boyfriend while I got this guy's number
by Chelizsa June 2, 2004
My buddy and I used to run interference for each other by taking turns playing racquetball with the husband to get him out of the house, so the other one could visit his home to fuck his wife.
by baldyguy December 11, 2011
The older girl ran interference for their daughter while she set up the prank on their back porch. (example of run interference)
by The Return of Light Joker October 3, 2010