A pleasant health resort built on a sandstone spur projecting into the tranquil Mersey estuary. At least it was until the filth ridden chemical and tanning industries set up home there and ruined the environment, seeping chemical residue into the water system and belching putrid smog into the atmosphere. Then in 1964 the town was hit by a second disaster when the government designated Runcorn as a “new town” and they opened the doors to just about every kind of scum and villainy that Liverpool deemed surplus to her requirements.

Since then Runcorn can only really be associated with illiterate, jobless parasites living off a diet of alchohol, drugs and sausage rolls from Greggs (Whatever happened to Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll). The vast majority of the people who live here are blissfully unaware of their lowly pond dweller status as they only really have Widnesians to compare themselves too. In comparison to Widnes however, Runcorn is a veritable paradise on earth. Widnes really does take the gold medal when it comes to idiot yokels.

The local gathering place is Shopping City (“The City”), rebranded as Halton Lea in a vain attempt to make it more upmarket and attract a higher class of shopper in the 90’s. This place has to be seen to be believed. Tracksuit wearing chavs patrol the indoor shopping centre, pushchair in one hand, mobile phone in the other (used to be a fag until the smoking ban) and tracked closely by half a dozen kids running riot outside Greggs or Sayers waiting for their daily sausage roll and sweets all washed down with Cola. “The City” has everything any chav could possibly need, the Jobcentre to sign on, the post office to collect their handouts and the largest collection of pound shops in Europe to rob from. It even has a bookies and the Straw Hat pub for passing the time and fighting.

Anyone half decent usually stands out from the crowd as they tend to be noticeably cleaner with a full set of teeth and probably aren’t fully adorned in tracksuit, sovereign rings and a layer of grime. However even beneath this first class of chav there is an even darker second tier of scum. Usually seen lurching about with the aid of a stick or wheelchair, wheezing from chemist to pub coughing up vile sputum and spreading their disease as they go. Even the first class chavs look down on these poor souls. If only they realised that in ten years time they’ll be the same, moving from JSA to DLA as Runcorn’s air and water slowly take their toll.

In conclusion, Runcorn should be avoided at all costs but is not a total disaster and does have some genuinely nice people; you’ll know who they are just by looking at them. They however tend to move out before long and head to the more up market Cheshire villages and towns trying to erase all memory of Runcorn. Those that stay console themselves with the thought;

It could be worse, I could live in Widnes”

Finally don't wander too close to the courts outside "The City" or you are in danger of stepping into A4e territory, a place that actually rounds up all the worst dregs of society in one building!
I went to Runcorn the other day, what a fucking shit hole. I got mugged outside Halton Lea, by the courts and narrowly avoided death after some plague bearer coughed on me!
by Bald Warrior March 19, 2009
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Runcorn is a small industrial town on the banks of the River Mersey in Cheshire, North West England. The town borders Liverpool, Widnes, Warrington and Frodsham.

The town is home to a small football team and many wonderful attractions such as Halton Hill and Runcorn Hill where the landscape can be taken in as far from Blackpool.

BBC Three's Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is set here, and follows the lives of characters who are native to this town.

Runcorn Bridge can also be seen at the end of the Cathedral Cheese advert.

Nicola from Girls Aloud was born in this town.

I think Runcorn is a pleasant town, I have never actually ever seen any crime happen here or gangs walking round in track suits (and I've been here a lot). It's a great place to unwind from city life for a day, as there is not much traffic and it's not that busy.

The Runcorn pasties are fantastic and can be complimented by looking over the River while eating.

Wigg Island, opposite Runcorn in the River Mersey is a nature reserve, many wildlife can be seen by visiting the island.
liverpool warrington widnes frodsham runcorn
by Puravady March 26, 2011
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Runcorn is on da souf side of bne right next to woody and k-town. Here in da 4113 the white bois wit da bumbags and da fobs ya need to be scared of coz u will get stomped or stabbed up aye. It’s pretty dangerous especially at da train station.
“Where u goin?”


Alrighty try not get stomped up lahd
by Mabah69 December 18, 2019
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runcorn was once a nice little group of villages
during the 60s housing estates were built to house chavs ,
scum and general unwanted from liverpool
chav estates include
palace feilds , halton brook , murdershore , brook vale , castle feilds ,dukesfeild (inbread chavs),hallwood park (ex southgate),beechwood (posh chavs),castle rise (poor chavs),
quarry close (chav elite) ,town hall estate, grange way,windmill hill ,weston point (chemicaly tainted chavs)
runcorn has a ruined castle that could of been to defend from chavs and tv licence men
main chav meeting points in runcorn , halton lea (shopping mall) mc`ds carpark and every street corner or around local shopping centers
you pikie chav git get back to runcorn
runcorn chav scum
by i hate chavs aswell June 08, 2006
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A place where chavs live

was voted the most chav town in the world by me on lots of occasions
Man I got my rims got stole in runcorn today , I was travelling through at 40mph
by My name isn't important August 08, 2005
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Cesspit of a town in North West England
This place stinks. Its the home of the chemical industry and believe me it shows. To be 20 in Runcorn is to act 60. Small minded, racist, scum are all I ever encountered and its full of scousers. Without a doubt home to the fattest people in the UK and the loosest women. Unemployment is rife and people will do anything for a few pounds. Horrible, horrible place.
by vintage62 June 09, 2006
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