An extreme internet challenge, where you are tasked with watching some of the most horrible videos out there. There are 20 levels and each one gets harder. They include a dog being skinned alive, a baby being run over by a car, and the infamous "three guys one hammer". It is currently unknown why anyone would do this to themselves.
Person 1: Hey man, you should run the gauntlet.
Person 2: no
by SKRIBZ March 16, 2016
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When you risk running errands or driving to work when you have no registration and a suspended drivers licence.
Can we have a ride? Sure, but we have to run the gauntlet if we do...
by Mikkster78 January 07, 2018
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Variant spelling of "run the gantlet." Spelled either way, it's pronounced gauntlet. A gantlet is a double line of people with clubs, whips, tomahawks, fraternity paddles, or other weapons; the poor bastard being punished runs between the lines and everyone hits him as he goes by. Depending on weapons and circumstances, this has been used as an initiation, a test of courage, a way to decide which prisoner to let go (to take the message back that you are holding hostages), or a way to execute someone without making any one person responsible. Often used to describe what the in-crowd does to a noob before accepting him -- "Making him run the gantlet" is a stronger, more violent expression than "making him pay some dues" or "putting him through all the hoops."
The Indians made old Zeke run the gauntlet and when he made it through with just some cuts and a lump on his head, they let him go.

My first year on the job they made me run the gantlet, but after that I was in.

At Kappa Kappa Kappa they make us pledges run the gauntlet for three months, and then on initiation night they make us run a real gantlet; I got through with my ass only getting about five hits, but my roommate fell down and they flayed his pathetic ass.
by old lang guy December 29, 2007
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To expose oneself to danger or the criticism of others.
"Off I go, to run the gauntlet"
~Quoted from The Diary Of Anne Frank

"It's hell week. Time to run the gauntlet punk."
by 8-Ball Lock October 23, 2005
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having unprotected sex with a particularly skanky slut you just picked up on a night out, and praying you don't catch any STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) from her.
Dude 1: Man, I fucked a mega hot chick last night.
Dude 2: Woah! did you bag up?
Dude 1: Nah, didn't have any rubbers on me so I was running the STD gauntlet.
Dude 2: You should get yourself checked out dude, you might have AIDS.
by its-a me, mario! May 20, 2014
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