Lost in deep rumination, the girl Is creating a beautiful masterpiece of sculptural abstract art.
by Ehf October 5, 2017
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In psychology, rumination is when you can't take your mind off of something, often a bitter or negative experience you had in the past, and it still continues to bother you. You try to combat these intrusive thoughts, but they keep coming back no matter how hard you try to push them out. Rumination can be anywhere from a few minutes to an entire hour.

This is often due to a lack of resolution/rectification towards the bitter experience, especially if you failed to take control of the situation.

Rumination can also be about future events or goals, especially a harmful, unhealthy and unrealistic goal that you want to pursue.

The more you ruminate, the deeper the hole you're digging for yourself. It is better to stop ruminating early, or else you might end up in a very unhealthy state, both mentally and physically.
Peter had plans to assemble his Ikea furniture today, but during the assembly his mind wandered off and he started to ruminate about his ex and how she "borrowed" his money but never returned it back, and afterwards broke up with him. He had all these malicious thoughts inside his head and wanted to execute them all, but couldn't get himself to for the sake of his sanity. Peter's rumination costed him an hour's worth of time.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian February 28, 2021
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Focusing on past events in your life, typically ones that didn't turn out the way you would've wanted, and reflecting on them relentlessly with a strong outlook of yourself feeling worthless and inadequate. Depression and anxiety usually follows.

A very common negative thought process after breakups.
Jim: "The definition provided by Jack didn't get very many likes. It didn't even get a whole lot of views for that matter. Now Jack ruminates in the event with thoughts of failure and poor self-image."

James: "Jack looks like he has a lot on his mind."
Jane: "His girlfriend just dumped him. It was simple incompatibility reasons."
James: "Ouch, but why is he taking it so hard? They were only dating for two months."
Jane: "Jack spends a lot of time inside his own head with negative self-talk." He ruminates too much instead of using this as an opportunity to grow and improve."
by senahbite85 May 14, 2018
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a very roach person, that is also REALLY cool and dope and fun and awesome and asthetic but really in the end just a roach...
"did you see that rumin roach outside!"
by roachroach6786 April 24, 2022
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A male/female who can protect anyone they love. Rumines are stronger than they appear, when aggravated they wont stop till they feel there better... Mainly Angered when someone messes or harms a family member or friend...Rumines are an Unknown species that dont know how strong they are till 18years of age.
did you know Rumine would take 18 bullets and still not give up his Friends...
by Rumine July 20, 2019
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when hastily eaten food is regurgitated and reswallowed
"That pizza gave me such heartburn I nearly upchucked! Thank God for rumination or I could have decorated your dad's Oldsmobile!"
by Crazed Doc July 18, 2006
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To marinate oneself in excessive amounts of rum.
When bar hopping in the Caribbean islands, one gets ruminated by the end of the evening.
by Clewless January 18, 2012
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