"if it exists,you can play Bad apple on it."" if it can,it can Bad apple"If this thing exists,you can play the song "bad apple" on it.Rule made by @bad.....apple on tik tok.
Person 1:Hey have you heard abt playing bad apple on a pregnancy test bro??
Person 2:rule 86 of the internet bro..
by Urdadlesbianuwu February 20, 2023
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Gay will not be tolerated.
Bruce Jenner: Look I'm a girl because feelings > facts
Our Lord and Savior Ben Shapiro: Rule 100 of the internet libtard
by Honkler December 1, 2018
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Anything that can be turned into porn will be turned into porn
Make sure to know rule 38 of the internet so you know that even your pets,elderly,and even your trees aren't safe.
by JarlBatman August 19, 2015
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If the rule is changed example one:
1. please explain this joke I don’t get it
2. New rule 12
1. Wat?
2. Look up new rules of the internet

If the rule is the same as the regular rules of the internet example 2:
1. Do you know any porn of this?
2. I’m not that into it, but try to add rule 34
1. Nothing…..
2. Rule 35

1. Oh.
by You’reasimp June 12, 2021
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A list of rules written by a bunch of soyboys who think the internet should have rules.

All you need to know is that anonymous and 4chan have major holdings in the rules when they shouldn't.
Anonymous: Follow the rules of the internet and you will stay fine...

by Ashley H 705 July 28, 2021
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#63 has been reassigned!
#Rule 63: The proposition that it is possible to find genderswapped versions of every fictional character, especially as fan arts on the internet.
Rules Of The Internet: Bowsette applies to rule 63
by 18thAngel September 28, 2018
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man 1: I met a girl on discord
man 2: always remember rule 23 of internet
by the king of old world August 4, 2023
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