Used in lifting weights originated from

You cannot criticize anyone's form unless you lift 90%+ of theirs.

The 90%+ extends to Wilks score to help normalize.
Good job - you can barely deadlift 200 and you are talking shit about someone who pulls 600. Rule 19.
by SoloX July 06, 2012
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The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
Rebecca Black is the epitome of Rule 19.
by flypossums April 30, 2011
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A rule created in 1903 by Merrick Gjertson stating that there can only be one girl per internet.
Rule 19, one girl per internet.
by Neb Good May 02, 2007
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An excuse used when someone makes a leap in logic with no evidence behind it that leads to the solution of a puzzle regardless.
"Wow Ty, how did you know it was Mr. Red in the dining room with the knife?"
"It was quite simple, I just applied The 1/19 Rule and knew instantly."
by Wiilink100 May 10, 2017
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