Badman - "And my mum saw that ruggy in the toilet"

Badman 2- "Suck my dick"
by J dott R October 5, 2009
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1. To get swayzee with a girl, and rushing to do so.
1. "Damn this girl was takin' forever so i had to ruggy her"
by jahjah123 February 3, 2011
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One who downloads excessively.
Also known as a rug.
Shad took so much off my FTP that he downed the server. He's a Ruggie.
by Mckitrick June 17, 2005
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Sophisticated man about town. Resourceful, friendly and very accomadating. Will give you the shirt off his back and go above and beyond to help you out. Local Hero. Legend in his community of worldly aquaintances.
Let's ask Ruggi, he knows everything.
by Sleepyqween January 24, 2014
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a sport loosely based on rugby, different in that the losers are wrapped in upholstery or rugs, blindfolded and dropped off in brothels to be left to lustful elderly men
Sam killed himself rather than suffer the fate of the losing ruggy player.
by rugbizatch December 31, 2004
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