From rugrat, affectionate term for a small child.
Yeah, I'd like to go, but I gotta get someone to mind the ruggies.
by Jaco August 6, 2004
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One who downloads excessively without also uploading.
in BBS days: Someone with a bad Upload/Download ratio would be called a "ruggie".
in Torrent terms: Someone who never seeds a file.
by John Fairley January 4, 2006
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Be careful of that man he is a ruggy.
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
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ruggie (n): (1) from rugrat. A stupid 13-year-old with a Christmas present modem. (2) By extension, a troll (q.v.) who successfully pretends to be a ruggie (1), triggering flames from those too self-important to be paying attention. See also DOOOOOOON Rodent, or the Danarchy volume.
by littlepinkpig March 11, 2004
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To indulge in overactive singing of 'camp' 80's songs, and/or characters, e.g. "lady in red" or an obsession with David Hasselhoff
Yeah i went to that post ironic 80's night, but it was a bit 'ruggy'
by Yer Ma October 9, 2003
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a: Celtic pub in Rutherglen (slang - the Kylie)

b: Dipsomaniac with narcolepsy & a lack of imagination (names his dog - 'Dog')
See that Ruggy Vogue was steamin again in the Ruggy Vogue.
by Teddy Herb November 28, 2003
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A 12 year old manly woman who is not kind and will stay 12 forever.
by TheBreadY December 29, 2018
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