This is the game of Rugby which takes its name from the English school where it was first played.

It is a ball game using a ball similar in shape to the one used in (American) Football. And just like American Football the idea is to get and keep the ball and do things with it. But that is where the similarity ends.

In Rugger you cannot pass the ball forwards.
In Rugger you cannot wear anything that might be seen to be protective, such as body armor, etc.
In Rugger it is understood that there are no cheerleaders or bands required nor allowed to be present.
In Rugger it is understood that as soon as somebody has possession of the ball, he is fair game for any kind of attack you can make as long as the referee doesn't see it and even then it is OK.
After the game, the men all go to the communal bath where they drink beer and sing bawdy songs, sharing the experience of picking the opponent's teeth out of various body parts and wondering where their own teeth have gone.
Rugger players make Football players look like Ballroom dancers.
Rugger players do not follow any rules except: do anything to get the ball, do anything to keep the ball, when all else fails, fall in a heap on top of whoever has the ball and proceed to kick, punch, gouge and bite any body parts you can see. Including your own.

Then go to a pub and drink copious amounts of beer. When the beer gets lumpy, strain it through a sock.
Charles: "What's so masculine about Rugger, then, Bert?"

Bert: "Fuck off you bastard and catch this ball. Mwahahaha"
by blueliner49 January 22, 2010
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A game played by consenting males which involves groping each other
A rugger player was seriously injured in a tackle by another player
by bitsko July 22, 2008
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Slang for Lesbian, variation of Rug Muncher or Rug Munch
I didn't know Melissa Ethridge was a Rugger, I thought she was heterosexual.
lesbian gay dyke carpet muncher homo
by Harry Paratestis September 11, 2014
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The wrong code in Rugby.

Rugby Union
An appallingly boring sport played by upper class tossers.

Never supported at club level.

Known as Kick and Clap.

As interesting as watching paint dry.
by gremlin November 18, 2003
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Someone who can sustain several concussions and still manage to go to the pub after running for 80 minutes while tackling men that look like they have taken steroids since 3. Also, known for their ability to engage in sex for long periods of time and pleasure their partners to the utmost.
The team of ruggers went to the bar after playing in 105 degree weather while being practically beat up and pleased the entire 18-25 year old female population of Sweden.
by P. Kaltenbach December 23, 2007
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I am a rugger, i play rugby.
by shawn September 29, 2004
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one who plays rugby and spends saturdays on the field and nights engaging in debauchery
People in picture:
by wmrugbygirl February 12, 2005
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