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This is the game of Rugby which takes its name from the English school where it was first played.

It is a ball game using a ball similar in shape to the one used in (American) Football. And just like American Football the idea is to get and keep the ball and do things with it. But that is where the similarity ends.

In Rugger you cannot pass the ball forwards.
In Rugger you cannot wear anything that might be seen to be protective, such as body armor, etc.
In Rugger it is understood that there are no cheerleaders or bands required nor allowed to be present.
In Rugger it is understood that as soon as somebody has possession of the ball, he is fair game for any kind of attack you can make as long as the referee doesn't see it and even then it is OK.
After the game, the men all go to the communal bath where they drink beer and sing bawdy songs, sharing the experience of picking the opponent's teeth out of various body parts and wondering where their own teeth have gone.
Rugger players make Football players look like Ballroom dancers.
Rugger players do not follow any rules except: do anything to get the ball, do anything to keep the ball, when all else fails, fall in a heap on top of whoever has the ball and proceed to kick, punch, gouge and bite any body parts you can see. Including your own.

Then go to a pub and drink copious amounts of beer. When the beer gets lumpy, strain it through a sock.
Charles: "What's so masculine about Rugger, then, Bert?"

Bert: "Fuck off you bastard and catch this ball. Mwahahaha"
by blueliner49 January 21, 2010

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Pronounced "Yah-pee".

Can be spelled Yarpy, Yaapie, but correctly Jaapie as it comes from the Boer -Dutch nickname for men called Jaap (just like Johnny is for John).

Although it was commonly used and perhaps still is, it isn't necessarily a kind way of naming a person because it is often used as a name for the South African equivalent of a Redneck or white right male.

Very often the term was used to describe the kind of Old Dutch males who used to be able to be spotted by their leather shorts, leather hats, full beards, thick stockings rolled over just below the knee that use elastic supports with flashes, etc. even though they were not typically backward or ignorant.

But commonly is applied to any male who is ignorant, backward, stupid and probably inbred and invariably Caucasian.

Broadly equates to the US names that are made up of two names (such as BillyBob, EllaMae, JoeBob, NormaJean, etc) and character types such as redneck, hillbilly, and inbred.
"I want a nice quiet drink with no problems, so I won't go to spit and sawdust bars. Probably full of Jaapies, ain't they".
by blueliner49 January 30, 2010

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An oggie is a Cornish Pasty. Originally these were eaten by miners in Cornwall, a county in the extreme southwest of England. Basically it is pastry wrapped around a filling. Originally the filling was savory at one end and sweet at the other. Oggies nowadays are usually savory and have potatoes, vegetables, and meat inside but there are many varieties.

The really cool thing about Oggies is that you can eat them one handed without making a mess and there is nothing to throw away after because you eat it all.
You can eat them hot or cold.

Tiddy Oggies is another name for the Oggie but mostly just potatoes and/or vegetables.

So Oggies are nothing at all like women.
Charles: You know, Cecile old gel, whenever I visit Bodmin I always like to grab an oggie.

Cecile: Woy don't ee like to grab I, then?
by blueliner49 January 21, 2010

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A word made from the two words "Bollocks" (balls, testicles etc) and "Chops" (mouth, lips etc.)

This is used by a person to describe or name somebody who has said something that is rubbish, inflammatory, or abusive to them.
1: "I'm related to royalty, you know!"
"Fuck off, bollockchops. You might be a queen but you aren't royal."

2: Chuck: "I'm only telling you all to do it because I know better and you are all too damn ignorant to figure it out by yourselves"

Bill (under his breath) "Crap, Bollockchops is spoiling for a fight again."
by blueliner49 January 30, 2010

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An abbreviation for See You Later, Old Man.

Commonly used especially in radio communications scenarios, especially in teleprinter/teletype communication, as a signing off abbreviation when some operators are chatting together during setup or closedown or any other time when the system isn't in used for real messages.
CULOM is one of the ancestors of webby words such as ROFLMAO, YMMV etc. and itself is one of the descendants of TTFN, ROMFT etc.
by blueliner49 January 30, 2010

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Nothing. Used to describe what a person is incapable of doing or what a person has no clue about either by learning or experience.

Broadly equivalent to Jack Shit, Diddly Squat, etc.
Guy1: I know that Obama is a communist and a muslim. He is also not a citizen.
Guy2: Yeah, what's your name?
Guy1: Jack
Guy2: Yea, Jack. Don't know Jack.
by blueliner49 February 07, 2010

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