1975 Filly Triple Crown winner who never lost a race against other fillies, but unfortunately had to be euthanised after breaking down in a match race against Foolish Pleasure. She broke a leg and wanted to keep on running. Shortly after a desperate attempt to re-construct her leg she awoke from anesthesia, breaking her cast. She was put to sleep and buried in the infield at Belmont Park, her head facing the finish line. Greatest thoroughbred filly of my lifetime--and in my opinion--anyone else's.
While Ruffian would have beaten Winning Colors, Genuine Risk, Personal Ensign, Go for Wand, Bayakoa and Regret, she may have had trouble with Secretariat.
by ovrdoit September 29, 2006
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Greatest racehorse of all time ever. The only race she lost is was the race she died. In the era of women rights, she did us all proud even if we weren't alive. She only lived to be 3 due to a tragic end.
Person 1- Who is the greatest race horse ever?
Person 2- Ruffian, duh!
by Ruffianloverforever September 20, 2010
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To be a Ruffian is to be a fan of voice acting legend Michelle Ruff.
'Does it make me a Ruffian if I told you I only watched Bleach for Michelle Ruff?'
by Lelouchigo June 27, 2018
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Person 1: I bumped into one of those ruffians at the store today!
Person 2: Ruffians?
Person 1: You know? Those nigga's down the street!
by Boomshinzeleatsbiscuits July 17, 2011
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Chris: How was last night?
Mark: It was great, I pulled a real fittie, but Josh was left with her RUFFIAN mate.
Chris: So did he pull her?
Mark: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Mark January 19, 2004
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a little hoodlum who is always up to no good and causing all sorts of trouble! they usually think they are real rebellious.
damn that little ruffian totally crashed that party last night.
by Samantha Bamsey April 2, 2008
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