Best possible way to bond with the homies, it involves hiking with weights, but it's for men only
"Want to go rucking this weekend?"
"Could we skip the rucking, and get straight to the vigorous anal"
by DoubleCheekedUp May 6, 2019
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1)A tray that was invented by Taco Bell to help keep your counter-tops free of sheesha, because there are not enough bitches to help clean. 2) A new more advanced version of man rape ( in a non-homosexual fashion)
1. USE THE RUCKING TRAY!!!!!! because my cleaning bitch is restarted as shit!!!!
2. I'm gonna ruck you in the ass!!!!
by swing_swing49 January 17, 2011
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A rugby term for clearing off members of the opposing team to get the ball safely off the ground and into a place it can be used advantageously. Very important in rugby.
We rucked over our teammate so the scrumhalf could grab the ball.
by Elle September 20, 2003
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n. To have a fight
Got into a right ruck last night after this piss-head started getting arsey with me for spilling my drink on his mate. So I lamped him one and knocked him on the floor and now his eye is all fucked, he can't even open it, so we called him cyclops for the rest of the night. So a good ruck!
by X-treem September 12, 2003
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A term used to be short for rucksack. Generally used in the United States army.
"Tomorrow we are going on a ruck march."

"Hey grab your rucks and lets go."

Make sure your platoon has their rucks at formation in the morning, we have a ruck march to do.
by Curtis Ruck February 22, 2005
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A combination of really and fucked...often used to explain how drunk or high you were / are
Wow last night I was rucked!

Tonight I'm gunna get rucked!
by rucked girl December 13, 2009
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When a smaller dog runs and fucks a larger dog while both dogs are running. When smaller dog rides larger dog like a surfboard while fucking.
Milton was Ruckin Sienna like Schwinn while she was running across the lot
by Wolfs Hook November 24, 2013
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