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A female name of Indian heritage that describes a girl who is kind and shy, but inside is bursting with vigor and is has a lot of charisma and vitality. She will make you happy and is incredibly gorgeous, and though her name is unique, so is her wonderful personality.

There's something to learn about all girls named Rucha: they love adventure. You will possibly meet only one Rucha in your lifetime, and surely you must cherish the pleasure of knowing her.
That Rucha girl is so quiet, yet there's something inside of her that I can't resist...

"Rucha"...what kind of a name is that? I can't even pronounce it! (:
by xpterra91 May 15, 2011
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A name of Indian decent translating to "Lyrics of Veda". She tends to be very warm and nurturing. She is extremely reliable and are often found taking care of others. She has a deep need to try and create harmony in her surroundings. Not only is smart but she is very beautiful. She does tend to fall or knock into things but trust me it's extremely adorable. Rucha is very creative and is always coming up with ideas. She's a person you never want to have left your life.
The girl in my class is named Rucha.

I would like you to meet an amazing person, her name is Rucha.
by LTAL June 26, 2010
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A person specifically a girl who is known for having large and beautiful Blow Job eyes.
My girl looked at me like her name is Rucha.
by Chocolate Rain July 24, 2016
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Sumo...origin japan; tries to be skinny....but fails; FAT, Overweight...not skinny...def not skinny; constant urge for FOOD.

You SOOOO fat...that u look like a rucha!
by ravi...aka skinny one March 27, 2005
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A vaginal fart. The uncontrolled release of the air that was pushed into the female cavity during the act of coitus. Usually scentless but does make a noise.
"Oh man, Cindy let out the longest Rucha last Friday night after I'd finished pounding her."
"Really, what did it sound like?"
"Like a deflating balloon...a sexy one."

Rucha's are not discussed enough today in our modern society, it is an issue that effects millions but is negated to embarrassed whisperings in the bedroom. Spread the word, spread the understanding!
by Scottishwordsharer December 06, 2011
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