One of the best people you'll ever come across in your life. Cute, sexy, popular, charismatic, pretty, funny and adorable. Shes the one that will always be there for you& entertains everyone. It is unlikely you'll come across one, but when you do, she's a keeper! Often small and very random and lightens the mood when possible, no one can live without a Veda in their life!
"Look at Veda! She's so small and pretty!"
by Mildredelena March 8, 2017
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One of the stragest people you'll ever meet , but insanely charming , charismatic , pretty , sweet & hilarious. Shes the life of the party & makes everyone laugh. Often has long , blond hair and big blue eyes. Very rare you'll discover one, but you're lucky when you do! Best after awkward stage.
Person 1: "That girl so weird , but something about her is so sweet!"

Person 2: "Well, she IS a Veda!"
by ChinChinNimNim August 26, 2011
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Very sexy and attractive woman that has a never ending capacity to love. She’s the sweetest person you know.
That girl is so sweet and flirtatious, is her name Veda?
by Guitarguy18 May 12, 2019
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Someone who's a great and caring sister, though a little ditzy. One who takes care of family members in a crisis.
Likely derived from the character Veta in the play, "Harvey."
Man # 1: Did you ever see "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane"?
Man # 2: Yeah, whatever it was happened to her, it didn't make her a veda!
by Bette Davis February 3, 2010
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Wow she’s so cool Ofc her name is Veda
by Yolocats4ever December 20, 2021
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The oldest religous texts in the world. They are belived to have been composed by a group of Indo-European nomads, named the Aryans. For most of their history they were oraly transmited, only being writen down somtime around 300 BCE. They are the devine scriptures for all Hindus.
The Rig-Veda is the oldest religous text in the world.
by disco stu October 3, 2003
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Vlog Every Day April
Some people on are doing vlogs every day during april.
-I`m going to do VEDA this year
- You are doing what?
- I will vlog every day in april on YouTube
by Saule April 3, 2010
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