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A verb describing the act of being stabbed or getting stuck and dying or being put out of commission.
Sean: Yo, did you hear about lil' trice?
Ray: Nah what he do?
Sean: Homie was walking back from store and he got rubbed by some ruthless stick up boys from the west side.

Ray: Damn son, that's real fucked up. Is he alright?
Sean: Hell no brah, he was DOA up at mersy hospital.

Ray: Oh shit. That's some weak-ass BS. Them boys need to get got for that shit. Trece was my boy since like 3rd grade. We go back son.
by FairladyZ February 05, 2015
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Fingering but with a layer of clothing on
Guy 1-Dude did you finger get yet
Guy 2-Naw she said to wait a few days but I still rubbed
by Mikecock101 October 26, 2019
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