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The most wonderful American girl you will ever meet. Beautiful, intelligent, articulate and sexy. She likes fine food and wine and takes cat naps when she can. She is so stylish and eye catching that when she smiles everyone smiles back infectiously.
Roxanna must have been at the store today because everyone was happy and smiling
by Aussie Admirer September 30, 2016
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The most interesting and beautiful Polish/Ukrainian girl you could meet. She's fun sized, loves photography and has the nicest smile you'll ever see. She will never admit that she's perfect but if you ever have the chance to meet her there's no doubting she is.
by N54king October 10, 2014
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Cutest girl ever, caring, loving, beautiful, attractive, funny and crazy. You are very lucky if you have a Roxanna in your life, especially if she is your girlfriend. She will love you with all her heart even if she has her moody days.
I'm so lucky to have Roxanna.
by Jenna1j2e3n4n5a October 01, 2018
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An amazing friend that'll be never be tired of your complaining. Roxanna's are usually really weird and fun. But that's all to cover how sensitive and insecure they are Inside. If you meet a Roxanna appreciate her and make her feel amazing because she deserves it soooo much. She is be perfect for a guy that is weird and funny.
Guy 1: I'm going out with Roxanna
by Djyjjfhjdgnhdcbv August 09, 2018
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