She’s a very down to earth person. She is very beautiful but can be shy at times. She is funny smart and can always put a smile on you’re face. She will become to get more comfortable with you and be very talkative. She is a great friend and will never disappoint you she could be very trustworthy because she’s very loyal. The name Roxana is a Persian name so most likely a Latina so be ware because they can be feisty. But she’s overall a amazing person that deserves the best
Wow, Roxana you’re such a good friend
by Rox655 September 25, 2019
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She is fun, smart, and very down to earth. Roxana, loves to have a good time but only with who she’s comfortable with. She loves hard as long as she can, but careful once she sees she’s being taken advantage of or that she is not being treated as she deserves to she can be very cold and will close the chapter without warnings. (Friends, relationship etc.) she can be the best decision you’ve ever made
Roxana, YOURE so funny.
by The king of marina February 27, 2019
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Roxana is a person who care to much for nothing, she looks that she is okay, that nothing is going on with her , while in her head is a fight against life and death. Don’t get fooled by that pretty innocent smile , because it hides a sad soul . Take care of her ,maybe today you see her , but tomorrow wish just to hear her voice

Roxana is a really beautiful name
by Jaisonnnn January 21, 2018
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an incredibly sexy individual, has boys swarming around her , smart and sweet af , makes you wanna believe in love at first sight.
by Robert.W.Black July 5, 2019
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A smart, sarcastic, persian with a beautiful smile who loves napping.
Get off of your bed, Roxana.
by Anapoula24 August 31, 2008
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A Roxana is a fun person, knows a lot of jokes and she can always make you smile.
Also is a smart and very strong person that can overcome the problems of life with a smile on her face.
I wish I could say the jokes the way Roxana tells them!
by therealgotz July 25, 2011
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The ultimate form of KOSKHOL. NO living or dead creature can top her.
Wow, you are such a Roxana.
by Stranger in hell October 18, 2020
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