To keep it going; party on; to endure; or to move on to something new.
It's about to be a crazy weekend. Row the boat! / Hey, I gotta go do something right now. Row the boat! / Sorry to hear that, hope it all works out. Row the boat. / That event was lame. Let's row the boat!
by mindbloque May 23, 2015
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When someone sits between two men and "rows the boat" with their "oars."
hey, did you hear that weber likes to row the boat?
by bill April 03, 2003
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- a sexual act where an individual sits in between two men and stroking one d*ck (represent the first oar) with one hand and the other d*ck (representing the second oar) with their other hand and doing so in a rowing motion similar to how you'd row a regular boat

- "rowing the boat" can also be performed with more than three people as you can have a larger "boat" where there's more "oars" available with more people stroking them in a rowing motion
I had a threesome last night. We all got naked and I sat in between the two guys and started to row the boat for us.
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by tomriddle69 September 17, 2017
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a forward arm rotation movement preformed whilst overtaking another car.
by jonesy January 31, 2003
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