The act of reaching orgasim by simply looking at your fantasy football team or pleasuring yourself while thinking about how good your team looks on paper.
After a trip to the bathroom during round twelve of the draft many other owners acused jim of rosterbation because he wouldnt stop talking about his team.
by chuckie3sticks September 17, 2010
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The act of pleasuring one's genitals while thinking of or looking at your Fantasy Sports Team Roster.
"Got Montario Hardesty in the 6th.. chose that one purely based on name. Then went back, did some research and ooh"

by MJEFF October 3, 2011
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Made famous by TV show, The League (FX).

Rosterbation: The near pornographic pleasure derived from over-excited interaction with a sports team's squad roster.

While can be relating to a real team, as in a fan rosterbating to their professional teams lineup, it usually refers to the narcissistic pleasure of rosterbating to a line-up created by the rosterbator. Examples include a fantasy league team, or a video game career mode team.
I can't stop rosterbating over our lineup this weekend.
by WillFos May 8, 2013
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A term used in fantasy sports where one experiences excitement or joy when their players are stuffing the stat sheet.
Kyle should see a psychiatrist.. he just rosterbated for 2 hours straight after Rondo dropped 20 dimes.
by Deezed Nuts November 24, 2015
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Being so content with your fantasy football roster that you feel the urge to masturbate to it.
Jake: Hey Jeff, what were you doing in the bathroom alone with your fantasy football roster?

Jeff: Um, nothing...

Jake: ...Were you rosterbating?

Jeff: Maybe. How can you blame me? My quaterbacks are Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Riv---

Jake: Shut up you weird fuck.
by jakedasnake HHHHHHHHHHHHh September 17, 2010
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When internet tards with no history of managing professional sports teams endlessly discuss what roster moves their favorite teams will make during the offseason.
I don't mean to rosterbate, but if we sign cliff lee, derek jeter, and chuck norris, i think we'll have a chance next year.
by timmah55 November 5, 2010
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One who masturbates to rosters; an enthusiast of fantasy sports or professional sports in general; one who watches ESPN SportsCenter twice a day.
Jim: Hey Mark what's up?

Mark: Not much bro I was just on my way home from work.

Jim: Hey, did you... *stops and checks his iPhone* What the fuck! Chris Bosh had only 10 fantasy points last night?!

Mark: Jim, quit it... I don't want to be associated with a rosterbator.
by acelticsfan November 14, 2010
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