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A bit of a loner but fights to the death for those that she loves. Moody and odd but always makes you laugh. She is always seems happy but has a more complicated personality than she lets off. Loves to make people break out of there shy cell and loves to party.

She acts dumb but is actually intelligent!
Rossely does not follow the crowd and is proud to be different.
"Oooooh Rossely you can bite me."
by hciera January 28, 2012
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A very confusing but extremely attractive and caring girl who loves you for who you are, very loyal, and is always there for you. Rossely loves to have fun with her friends, loves to laugh, best girl a guy can ask for, and very insecure. Rossely has no idea how pretty she really is. From her silky, flowing hair, to her intelligent eyes, her amazing smile, her weird complexity and her fantastic body, you go into a trance every time you see her. Whenever you see her, it brightens up your day. All in all she's a very generous person who takes care of others before herself.
shes being such a rossely...but i love it!
Rossely loves teasing and will rock your world!
by ciara james November 02, 2013
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