Pet name for any name starting with Ro. Roro is a person who is always there for you, is sweet, charming and has that boyish naughtiness about him. Full marks for being the perfect mans for his girl and will defend you fiercely.
I definitely need a Roro in my life

Person 1: Look at that guy, always lookin out for his friends and girl
Person 2: Oh yeah, that's definitely a roro!
by _2glamfam_ June 7, 2020
Roro is the name of a dude who is bold sometimes a little too bold he doesn’t take shit from no one he’s a nice guy and cares for his friends watch out for Roro you’d rather be with him then against him or he will come for your neck 💃💃🕺🕺
Who’s roro?
Roros a bad bitch that’s who
by Ghettopickle911 June 22, 2021
Nok's guardian angel who spreads love and joy to the people around her.
I love having Roro around
by Manokro June 5, 2015
Roro is an incredible weaboo. He loves purple and gets stuck up trees like a cat. Don't worry though, he'll ring his collar if he needs you to help him down. Roro will probably become an international model because he's very pretty. He squeals at the sight of spiderman (Tom Holland) and MJ (Zendaya) smacking lips. He is an eyeliner wearing emo who enjoys cuddles.
wow is that Roro, I heard he got ripped off by the eshay druglord

omg look at that emo boy, he must be Roro, he's sooo hawt!

You remind me of a Roro, it's something about that squeal
by nut in my peanut sauce September 2, 2020
Ruben Rodriguez's wife! The most beautiful girl in the world once you meet her you will fall in love like her did husband! She has the best personality, and everything about her makes her perfect!
Rosie Gonzalez(RoRo) soon to be Mrs. Rodriguez is Ruben's wife.
by Rosie's husband! December 4, 2013
Short for the male name Darrell. Exclusively used for Darrell Wong in Markville Secondary School. Also a modern name for Chinese egg rolls.
Wow Roro ate 69 roros.
by Alun February 27, 2005
cumminn on a chicks back and leaving
The RORO is when your fucking a girl from behind and you blow your nut on her back. They when she ask you to get her a towel you put your pants on and leave
by qilly February 15, 2007