Someone who's at Bay for their first year. Practically slaves to their older teammates. (These teammates can let other teams borrow their rookies too)
What should we do to the rookies this year?
by someone... March 02, 2005
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Any one driving a race car that gets in the way of Tony Stewart is a rookie
If you cause Tony Stewart to crash in a Nascar race then you are a f**king rookie, no matter WHO you may be
by Royal H February 16, 2004
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A girl dat was born 2 months early, and in 8th grade had, and still as a freshman has, big breasts, a big butt, and a gorgeous face! Like me!! Halla!!
Come halla at a rookie!!!
by Shantaye April 12, 2007
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The meaning of the word rookie is someone who is doing something for the first time or new to something.
Racer 1 - man that guy hit the wall pretty hard

Racer 2 - yeah I know aye rookie mistake going that high
by Race car driver 2021 March 06, 2021
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