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Ronan is a brilliant person he has lots of friends and he has a really good personality he really likes technology and is an expert with it he fancies one person until he gets out of school he is a really good boyfriend to have he won't leave you or cheat on you he is always kind and caring he is very generous and once he's made a friend he'll be loyal to them unless they disrespect him
by Legitman123 June 11, 2015
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I really good looking guy who has dreamy eyes and gets all the girls he wants
Wow is that Ronan damn he is handsome
by Ronan Corley March 18, 2017
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These really amazing guys can sometimes be found asleep on a friend or strangers sofa at 6 in the morning during an Electro party. A Ronan, with his alluring and sofisticated manner both entrances and encapsulates his audience to a degree by such that any argument he is making seems to have a Zen like clarity of logic. This characteristic is often mistaken by others for genius. Probably the most wonderful humans on the planet.
1: "That guy is so amazing I think he just changed my whole perception of reality he's a Ronan if I ever met one!"

2: "Man that cult leader nearly pulled a Ronan on me."

3: "Man that guy is funny, intelligent and attractive he's a real Ronan."

4: "The worlds problems can't be solved in a day, we are not all Ronans y'know."
by icypillz February 03, 2010
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A hilarious fella with the alcohol intake level of 100 Russian distillers, He's just like Raymond - everyone loves him!
Crossed the mark this time, but hey, You're Ronan! It's fine!
by Joshua Robertson April 20, 2008
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