when something is going well, could be used sarcastically!

e.g. 'eyebrows on point, game strong'

'eybrow game strong'
eyebrows on point, game strong.
by theelderwand April 15, 2015
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when a boy/girl is amazing at giving head .
"yo jah !! Amaya's tongue game strong"
by bomb girl February 22, 2015
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This is what you say when you want to let someone know you trust them.
Like when you buy a drink in a bar and the bar tender says"do you want your receipt?", you say "trust game strong".
by Crannypete January 16, 2017
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When you about to bust a nut in a hoe, but you successfully pull out every time to not get the thot pregnant.
Tyrone- Yeah cuz I always be fucking Keisha, but I never bust inside the thot.
Taqavius- Yeah, that's my nigga! Pull out game strong!
by RKDI13 June 5, 2014
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A term referring to ladies with large breasts. This does not neccessarily refer to the attractiveness of said lady (See "good form").
Sarah-Lou may be a racist, but she's definitly got strong game
by Dinkle February 5, 2008
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After a man ejaculates when having intercourse and the sexual partner keeps pumping the booty in out because they are still horny and causes intense pain in the genital region

girl: baby why are grunting like that?

girl: baby why are grunting like that?

by fide September 6, 2014
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When a you take a picture of yourself and it turned out well. Can be used sarcastically, or literally.
Friend: "Wow, that's actually a pretty good picture man."
Me: "Yeah, my selfie game too strong, haha."
by Not Your Average Superhero March 11, 2014
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