Lucky unlucky NBA team who managed to get a 22 win streak that got ended by the Celtics in the 2007-2008 season.
Dude: Wanna watch the Houston Rockets tonight?
Other Dude: No dude I don't want to jinks it they might lose.
by oogalaboogala00000 July 11, 2008
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The Houston Rockets are one of the greatest teams in the world. They are so great in fact, that they make little girls (and some guys) squeal with enthusiasm everytime they score!

Unfortunately, recently, they have been plagued with a series of bad/unlucky/injury-prone players.

For Example:
Jamabalaya Jackson
Alex Rodriquez
Tracy McLady/McLazyEye/BrokeBackMcGrady/stupid wanker
Peyton Manning
Clutch the Mascot.
There are many Houston Rockets examples I could show you, but browsing through the GARM section at will make everything self-explanatory.
by ssp0929 April 7, 2009
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The act of lubricating ones penis and wanking off ( or masturbating ) with Germ-X, or the prefered hand sanitizer. While convenient, this method results in a burning sensation on ones foreskin.

This trend originated in Houston, Texas and was soon adopted by individuals who live busy lives and have the urge to masturbate but do not have the time or resources neccesary to wash up afterward ejaculating.
Co-Worker: “Dylan went into the back room by himself for about three and a half minutes and came back looking dehydrated and red in the face. I don’t think he fapped. He didn’t use the restroom afterwards.”
Me: “That sly little prick probably gave himself a Houston Rocket.”
by drdoofenshmurtz March 21, 2018
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