To take a shit. Often used with people who commonly say "drop a deuce". When they are still confused by your urbanized pluralization of the word deuce you can confuse them futher by saying that you are about to play craps.
Alright guys, I'm out...bout to go roll the dice...Then proceed to the bathroom to take a dump.
by kangaroozach October 10, 2007
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what people put on their low rider trucks. another examples: jokerz, low ridin', eightball, easy rider
by frivolous jones November 14, 2003
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To roll the dice can also mean to take a calculated chance. It does not necessarily bear the same risk as in a game of chance on a casino table. Companies take on commercial risks to grow their business in a highly competitive environment. It is a gamble that has the elements of both luck and ability - chances taken based on years of experience in particular trade and careful study of the marketplace.
A traditional Chinese restaurant wants to grow its business. It decides to roll the dice on its successful menu by introducing European delicacies as side dishes. As the Chinese saying goes: The word "Weiji" means both danger and opportunity.

by chenrong January 08, 2017
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Slang term that means masturbation. When u fake roll dice with your hand it looks like a jerking motion.
Man I'm about to roll the dice haha I'm so horny.

Where's jimmy? He went to go roll the dice in the closet
by LD;) October 10, 2017
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