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Rodrigo is a Outgoing, humerous person. always improving and leads his own way.

They attract women to the point it touches their heart.
They are great sex partners, will do anything for their women!

Very strong person, And aware of things before they happen..

Is a Great sex partner they attract women and they are always improving
by Veronica dion June 10, 2017
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A very well liked guy who knows how to dress and have fun. He is a loyal boyfriend and a trustworthy friend. His personality surpasses those of most guys and his attitude towards life is admirable. He is a all around great human being.
"Woah! Who's that?"
"That's Rodrigo."
by cowhibug24 February 15, 2017
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The sexiest guy so amazing, gets people to beg for his twitter account, face reveal and a voice one too. Nice eyes and a big ass. His DMS stay popping
That guy is such a Rodrigo
by rfig August 31, 2017
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Rodrigo is the type of guy you can trust with anything. He is very outgoing and funny. He has a great personality and will treat you right, also very loyal. He is super sexy and has nice eyes. Great kisser and fun to be around. The life of the party. Get yourself a Rodrigo.
Girl A : Wow who's that ?

Girl b : I Think That's Rodrigo.

Girl A : Ooolala He's hot.
by Mami Fresa June 02, 2016
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Rodrigo is a guy who is perfectly imperfect . He’ll always understand you and try to help, and connect with you. He’s loyal and will love you with all he’s got, not including he’s handsome and great in bed as well ;). He’s been through a lot but always try’s to keep his head up and improve. Rodrigo is a all around great person.
Person 1 “Yo I really need someone who I can connect and be good friends with.”

Person 2 “Try talking to Rodrigo he’s an amazing and understanding guy!”
by Lilhooter June 23, 2018
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