1)Something you wish you could do when you see a very attractive young lady. It may get you in trouble but no one does it to my knowledge.

2) Another way to show how small or how big your dick really is.
Quinn: Dude, look at that hot girl over there!

Brock: Rocking out with your cock out.
by Champion17 February 11, 2010
Basicaly to have fun partying and not giving a shit who's watching you and what they think.
Corey doesnt care what people think of him and tends to rock out with his cock out.

Just have fun and rock out with your cock out.
by theamazing! January 31, 2010
To party hard without regard for consequences.
Fuck it dude, life is short, rock out with your cock out.

In the TV show metalocalypse the bassist would literally rock out with his cock out, even going as far as playing with his cock.
by letdagoodxroll March 28, 2010
Taking your openly gay chicken to a metal show.
"It's so nice that you decided to rock out with your cock out."
by drawmonkey September 29, 2011
what Britney Spears likes to scream out randomly in the middle of concerts during her 2009 Circus tour
"Drive safe, don't smoke weed, rock out with your cock out. Peace out muthafuckas!"
by ilovetbag April 14, 2009
To dance around with your private parts on display.
Willy: Dude, did you see that cute guy? I really need to get some man lovin'!

Cory: Ya totally need to let them know you're available... I know! You should rock out with your cock out!
by AnyMuse November 7, 2007