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Not alot of things to do, but if u have alot of friends being bored can be fun with them. There is alot of unemployment and alot of drug dealers. Basically alot of crime. The suburbs probally has the lowest crime rate and the westside probally has the most. There is not alot of smart drivers so better look more then one time before crossing the street. Entertaining things to do are:go to the rockford speedway to watch races,go to the waterfront to listen to music and get on rides,go to wingding to go listen to famous bands,go to metrocentre to see whatever is there,or just look for regular things to do. There is alot of marijuana and cocaine. Alot of rednecks,african americans,and mexicans. Some like it some dont but if u live there u learn to deal with it.
Rockford, Illinois
by countingmoneyjar June 25, 2009
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