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A place where the bros and the jib heads bool and fuck shit up. Sell drugs in dank
Hey let's go bool on rochdale and blaze with the bros
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by Tyson piller February 28, 2018
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Wonderful town in Lancashire. Despite being surrounded by Bury and Oldham (Two awful towns, bury for being quiet and full of plastic mancs, oldham for race hate) Rochdale has maintained its rightful ranking as the best town in the UK.

Also home to the brilliant Rochdale AFC and has given the world great talents such as Lisa Stansfield, Liz Kershaw, Sir Cyril Smith and many more.
by rochdalecowboy December 29, 2003
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a town in lancashire full of charity shops
are you going to the BHF british heart foundation charity shop in Rochdale
by halestone September 17, 2010
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A complete dump.
Best known for :Duffy-Gate

The industrial revolution

The Co-op

Three girls, three babies (BBC production)

Vast crime
Though there is some comical irony that Rochdale was once famous for its hard working ppl, it is now full of jobless bums at a staggering 84% unemployment. Whoop. What a way to go!
(In a living room, watching the election news in May/June 2010)
Mum:Where shall we move to settle down?
Dad: I hear Rochdale houses are pretty cheap.
*Both listen to Browns speaking to the youth of Rochdale and Duffy/Browns mental "sparring" ...and the incident*
Mum: I hear its nice in Libya!!
by Doowopbop May 02, 2011
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rochdale is a place in greater manchester, too the north. next too bury and oldham. everyone there knows each other but overall the town is a dump
1) you going to rochdale today?
2) nah im going to go bury instead
by that_rockie_dale July 13, 2008
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