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1. A malcontent, argumentive, or maladjusted user of a forum or website bent on trying to be superior by normally participating in debates with straw-man arguments or quote whoring.

2. An individual whom normally engages in encroaching behavior that cause constroversay or dischord.

3. A misbehaving elitist who has a habit of getting banned from multiple sites or forums for outlandish reasons(Normally, in a playful pretext).
"Oh, another Mobius," or

Member: "Someone is deleting our topics/causing mischief/harassing our members, in board."

Administrator: "I am going to ban the Mobius."
by Evangelist August 10, 2006
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The planet Sonic lives on in some to most of the video games and all of the Archie comics
Earth or Mobius, i'm not sure. One has talking animals that stand on two legs, the other has America. Yep, Mobius.
by CAST IRON CLETUS May 09, 2018
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1. A long strip of material which has a half twist in it, and which has both ends connected to form a ring shape.

2. A twist in space within which is temporal causality loop is formed. That is, time within the space repeats continuously for all objects which enter the space, making leaving that space virtually impossible.
A self connected piece of tape with a half twist would represent a mobius
by Erebus May 02, 2004
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Let A=\0,1\^2 with the Euclidian topology and ~ be an equivalence relation on A such that (a,b)~(c,d) if and only if a is either 0 or 1, a=1-c, and b=1-d. Let B=A/~ with the quotient topology. Then B is a Mobius strip.
A Mobius strip is a connected, path-connected, compact, normal differentiable 2-manifold with countable basis induced by {B(a,b) intersect A for a,b are rationals} but can only be embedded in R^n for n=3 or higher.
by moebeeus May 04, 2004
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