An adjective used to describe one who...

1.) gets joy from taking advantage of other people,

2.) is aggressively sleazy, and/or

3.) is actively manipulative
Pip cracked a snively grin after outsourcing all of his labor force to children in overseas sweatshops
by Altrotaltro June 9, 2010
Mostly used when refering to a someone of small size that can't get enough of a sexual act by the same sex.
Oh Snively you little slut, you want another inch?
by John Roberts April 25, 2005
A person, place, or thing that has the characteristic of being over the top weird, sneaky, funny, like no other.
After Maddy pooped out of a two story window, Abby said, “WOW, that was really snive Maddy!”
by Snive-Ann November 24, 2018
adj. doing something very jackassly.
dude, you just stole my ciggarettes, that was so snives of you.
by panda bear's bro March 20, 2005
Yeah he just snived his girlfriend back in lakeland because he was angry his d was so small.
by venusray4544 July 27, 2006
To snapchat while driving
Keep your eyes on the road, don't snive.
Dude, don't snive.
Did you just snive?
by 2vszla January 30, 2016
1. A white kid that does nigger things. 2. A kid from Winter Haven, FL that steals, mercilessly. 3. A god damned thief. 4. Someone that nobody trusts, no matter what. i.e. Halle Berry 5. A kid that steals Bushmaster .233 caliber semi-automatic police weapons out of unlocked cars just because he's a fucking nigger.
Holy shit, somebody stole all my shit for absolutely no reason at all.
It was probably Sneaky Snive, that thieving nigger that steals.
OH MY FUCK! It was Sneaky Snive, he left his ID behind because he's a fucking retarded ass nigger.
What a god damned thief.
by ANiggerFromHell August 11, 2011