An American dubbing company that almost always creates a relatively low-quality dub, often being the earliest of multiple dubs of a particular series. On a number of occasions, character's names would be changed, given voices sounding entirely different to the original dub and sometimes changing storylines.
Carl Macek worked for the company and was responsible for merging together three unrelated series into the phenomenon that was Robotech.
He later went on to found the dubbing conpany, Streamline Pictures which Wikipedia quotes,

"...because of Macek's notoriety with a certain branch of fandom, Streamline became one of the early catalysts of the sub vs. dub debate. Macek's philosophy towards anime dubbing, as stated in several interviews, most notably published Protoculture Addicts and Animag, has become largely synonymous with the negative connotation concerning "Americanized dubs".
Examples: Dragon Ball (1989) (the first five episodes and movies 1 and 3)
Lensman: Power of the Lens (1987)
Lensman: Secret of the Lens (1988)
Robotech (1985) (an amalgamation of three different anime series from Tatsunoko Productions)

* Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982)

* The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (1984)

* Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (1983)
Guy 1: I just downloaded the original Japanese series of Dragonball/Macross but it's nothing like the dubbed version I saw on TV!

Guy 2: Harmony Gold dub.

Guy 1: Shit
by Kant Predict August 28, 2010
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