A really cute twitch streamer, who is 200 pounds of pure Memer, and a god at Bedwars. Only one Robbo is funny. Robbo is Meme, Robbo is life, Robbo is Funny.
Person 1: Did you hear about Robbo?
Person 2: That hot streamer?
Person 1: Yeah he's so valid
A nickname used to describe one with the last name "Roberts" or a similar name eg. Robertson, Roberto, Robert, etc.
by supermajic August 25, 2005
A term used to describe a manly attributed female.
Hey Moe, check out the mullet on that robbo
by Mooky100mm May 19, 2022
A name commonly used in Gravesend for someone who simply 'flexes' to scare off undesirables and who's father is affiliated to several bookmakers
by jingleberry July 2, 2006
Someone that’s too scared to do anything exciting, like cliff jump.
“Hey bro, it’s your turn to jump!”

“Nah man, I ain’t jumping, I’m a Robbo
by 1Robbo1 February 12, 2018