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A game in hypixel that you need to defend your bed, fuck into the middle and get emerald by speed bridging and fuck TNTs, pickaxe, ax’s and fireball. After the enemy’s bed is open, you need to fuck his bed and kill him in order to win.

“Stop fucking KS!” “Give me the final!” “My teammate is not defending so I fuckinh lost” are common in bedwars
A: Now, I am on top of green’s bed, someone please support.
Yellow bed have been destroyed by 02p!
Shout B: don’t even rush if ur base is fucked up!
Green bed have been memed by A.
B: how the fuck u bastard teammate even defend!? Y’all bedwars noob!
B took the L by A. FINAL KILL
by His mom is too gay for me February 09, 2019
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the sweatiest game on hypixel where people below gold prestige is considered nons, autofucking speedbridge is common and they have bad aim lololo, then theres sweaty ass jitter click and nice ass aim ppl that makes us nons be like
" omg he hacks yall /wdr him im cry leaving pls stop ill give free vip "
gamerboy80 is the sweatiest tryhard in the game, he's like what on lvl 800 now?

is he fat?
ssup guurrrl wana play sum bedwars, yAAS GURRL SURE..
in the bedwars game
holy shit they hack i got pushed off reach ac die *ragequits*
by LilThotPot June 10, 2018
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Some dumbass game from a Minecraft multiplayer server where you collect gems and ingots to upgrade and protect your bed, items and self whilst fighting others.
Hey mark wanna play some bed wars on highpixel?

(Mark) sure man but lemme finish this quest on runescape. I’m almost done banking my things
by Dewwww March 05, 2019
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