A female whose labia of their vagina resembles roast beef.
Dude, I went down on this roastie the other night. That shit was like eating an Arbys roast beef sandwich.
by Yewturn July 14, 2015
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Middle aged Women who was very sexually active with many partners but now wants to get married and have kids, which is nearly impossible.
Bro: look at that cougar, bet shes DTF

Bro2: thats a roastie, ive seen her before, even if you taP that you will probably catch something

Bro: thanks dude
by DioDoomer January 9, 2020
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A woman with millage on her poonani, she usually tries to justify her actions with the usual "genetics" argument. When in reality, she's just a hussy.
I was finally about to lose my virginity, then I found out she was a roastie :(
by Roshanda July 8, 2015
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A term used for a woman, commonly a thot or slut, who has slept around so much, her vagina is so loose and used up, it is claimed to look like roast beef. These are commonly the single mothers or the women who have lost their looks coming back to their friend zone male companion who they shot down over and over, but are now ready to settle with said companion since no one else wants to loosen their vagina up any further. Therefore, the woman and the male friend settle, rather than fall in love, based on fear of loneliness.

It's a term that offends SJWs, thots, sluts, and third-wave feminists, causing them to cry out "incel" without realizing that incels are "sex workers" greatest fans (See CheeryCola) or take the term personally and go into the natural anatomy of a woman (See Cringe With Carro) to try and gain the moral high ground when there is none to begin with, as roastie and incel are both negative terms.
I was going to sleep with this one chick, but I didn't like the way the folds looked. She told me she'd slept with ten guys. Damn, what a roastie.
by LordSmokedMeatsAndFishes April 9, 2019
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Roastie is an noun used to describe a woman whose genitals have somehow magically mutilated into an entirely different shape, resembling a sandwich, due to her having multiple sexual partners.

It is primarily used by men who don't understand vaginas- often because they have never seen one.
John: That female had sex with someone who isn't me! I bet she looks like a chicken sandwich down there from all the Chads she's fucking! Roastie slut!

Jenna: That guy uses the term roastie unironically. He clearly doesn't understand anatomy, or is even trying to.
by Cringe With Carro May 3, 2018
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An incel or r9k term for a woman who is not a virgin, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how female anatomy works. They believe that a woman's labia somehow stretches when she has sex, although miraculously this only happens if she has unmarried sex with different men. The word "roastie" indicates that they think elongated labia look like roast beef.
That femoid rode the cock carousel so long, she's become a roastie. I am totally disgusted by her - why won't she have sex with me?
by CheeryCola April 9, 2018
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South African slang for a graze or abrasion
My leg was covered in roasties from falling of my bicycle
by Tonytong January 13, 2011
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