Ïre is a sweet Charming girl although it's an African name but she is one of a kind she is smart pretty and adventurous sometimes she can be rude depending on her mood she is also very kind independent and believes that she can achieve any goals but most times she can but she doesn't give up she will practice until she gets it
I love how she is such an Ire
by (;ily February 5, 2019
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The ticklish effect when one insert fingers into another individuals vagina or anus.
The girl was laughing so much from the ire feeling her boyfriend gave her.
by Sexysexy1 March 25, 2023
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Income Removal System
The IRS folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account
by lunar shadows September 19, 2004
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Internal Revenue Service

the band of thieves sanctioned by the govenment to take money from you in the form of income taxes and on anything you ever buy so congress has the trillions of dollars it needs to waste on pork, and projects that do nothing to benefit society, except the few people that will help keep them in office.
The IRS reposessed my car because I couldn't pay the taxes on it.

Although I won a new boat, I had to sell it to pay the taxes on it to the IRS.
by TuffEagle July 17, 2004
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IRS aka "incompetent rich sh*theads." Large group of incompetent thieves who were so terrible at stealing our money that they gave the government a cut of the loot in order to get legalized. They remain incompetent, and if they make a mistake they charge YOU interest and penalties for not babysitting them while they do their thievery (because "It's YOUR responsibility to know that we messed up," says the IRS). The IRS is the last vestige of legalized slavery. Since the IRS is also lazy, they do not want to bother with actual slave owning and instead use fear to force Americans to "give" the government part of their earnings, since the IRS thinks it owns your labor. Hm, I believe that owning another person's labor against their will used to be considered SLAVERY.
Yes, master. Would you like my paycheck in 10's or 20's? I will give that you right away, IRS, sir.
by I. M. Angry July 11, 2008
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Infernal Revenue "Service" a cartel of supercriminals who hold Americans hostage for tribute money gathered each April 15th
The Waffen IRS will kill anybody who refuses to pay his tribute to them (taxes)
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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