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Definition for someone who is an amazing guy, liked by pretty much everyone, and prone to jealousy from haters. Able to make friends and lovers easily, but gets haters just as.
Wow that guy is such a Rizwan, hate him ÂŹÂŹ
by chiller24767484 July 11, 2010
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A rich guy. Who has a constant supply of money everywhere. Secretly a member of the Church of Scientology.
"Rizwan! Are you going to Sainsbury's?" "No, I do not have any money." *money falls out of his hair*
by TheAlmightySpringOnion November 13, 2011
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n. A synonym for someone who tries to win everything on Facebook by liking pages and/or forcing his friends to like it.

v. Rizwaning.

adj. Rizwanated, Rizwanish,


acronym for a compound Rizwanium Dioxide; made from Chutane and Chutyl alchohol which produces a pungent smell when reacted with any Amine.
Hot chick: "Hey! Wanna come over to my place tonight?"
Someone: "I see you as my sister. I will burn in hell if i kiss you. My grandpa once caught me watching porn and he'd beat my ass so bad that i started suffering from erectile dysfunction. now all i th-"
Hot chick (under her breath): "Fcukin Rizwan!"
by BooleanGate9878 October 28, 2011
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