Amine is a really good striker in football. He can do all the skills without any problems.
A believing muslim who prays 5 times a day. Say Alhamdu-lillah.
Amine is a good person
by JamahoX12 January 3, 2017
A name for a handsome and intelligent person who also has a great personality.
Definitely not a "player" or "fuckboy".
"Amine" is so handsome!
by Trrrttt February 23, 2017
Amine is a sexy Moroccan dude who gets all the ladies. He is the smartest and coolest of his class and every girl loves him. He is too cool for school and still does better than anyone. Despite being shorter than his classmates, we all know what is long *wink wink*. He gets laid every night because girls love his big dick.
Oh my gosh, Amine rekt my asshole last night, I can barely walk straight.
I wish I was cool like Amine
Amine is so sexy and his dick is soooo big
by Guy39282983 January 23, 2019
that cute guy that listens to aesthetic music
Alysha: Hey you know that tall cute guy sitting on our left?
Mary: Of course! That's Amine!
by gumballgum October 15, 2019
"Amine" is a sexy, tall, ripped Morrocan dude with an 8 feet cock. He has a stinky breath, but he is an amazing person.
"Wow his dick his so huge, he's such an Amine"
by strawberry69420 April 25, 2022
A fine lookin g algerian man who claims he gets a lot more booty than he could ever dream about. He also fails to know how to use the English language
"Yo man is that an Amine?"
"Ya man, I mean he is surrounded by some dutty ass girls"
by PImpette December 4, 2003