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Also known as ritzzed, ritz, and getting ritz crackered. Basically ritzing can be compared to being a complete DICK. Many times in situations where one may suspect ritzing is occuring the victim may state the interoggative statement of "Are you ritzing me dude?" If the answer is yes then you know you are fucked unless of course you are getting ritz crackered with cheese. Cheese is the ritz factor of the equation which therefore makes it acceptable. In other words simply put, Ritzing=joking/getting screwed over, Ritz with cheese=Good thing/fucking delicious, and finally Getting Ritz Crackered=Being joked upon/or in other terms getting niggered. However do not confuse this with getting spinchtered which is something you do not ever want to experience, trust me.
"dude, are you ritz crackering me with this assumption of only 16 days untill christmas???"

"no dude not at all, but i am NIGGERING you with my realization of christmas is gonna be sweet fucking shit!"

"HO HO! this has CANNOT be the world, unless of course you are ritzing me!?"
by Swart Neuker December 09, 2009
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