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He is very quite person but he can be hella funny too and he is always saying werid stuff. He is a cute guy who keeps everything to himself but if he finds someone that he can trust he will be very open with you. He is sexually active too. Ritesh is just the man! He falls in love very quick and sticks with one girl if he likes her. Ritesh has a great personality but is very shy to express himself and is not that confident. All ritesh ever needs is love in his life and he is happy!
I wish i had ritesh in my life
He so much like ritesh
by InLovewItHim February 01, 2018
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God of seasons. Rituwon ka eeshwar.
Seeing the wonderful climate of jhumritalaiya shekhchilli thanked the lord of seasons ritesh.
by Ritesh May 25, 2004
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Proving himself to be a ritesh, he finished the rubik's cube in a matter of seconds.
by Sam Guajardo October 27, 2003
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