A suspicious act, person, place, or thing; girls who are easy
Usher is risky.
White girls are hella risky.
by wileout October 11, 2004
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A Ghanaian poet and art curator associated with the Deadbeat Conglomerate.
Shout out to Risky!
by DomTheDemon July 16, 2019
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A cheap immitation version of the Britney Spears Curious perfume.
I went to walmart today and bought a bottle of Risky, so I can smell like a skank too
by Skanque March 27, 2005
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A group of girls who age you are unsure of. They could be underage but they could be legal.
Nick: "Yo, we should holla at those girls."

Rob: "I don't know man, those look like risky's to me."
by drikdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
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a volatile cocktail comprising of equal measures of rum, gin and whisky... drink with extreme caution
"drinking risky can have extreme consequences for the liver and other vital organs"
by derf123 July 14, 2008
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1. To be denied sex because of your girlfriend's pussy troll

2. The act of self-defense after being ruined by blaming it on another person.

3. To be made fun of after admitting your an animeholic.
1. "Dude, Nathan got riskied tonight."

2. "Hi everyone. I'm a gay virgin."
"Dude, I can't believe you said that."
"I was just kidding...my brother wanted me to say that."

3. "I love pokemon and anime, but I don't want to tell anyone because I'm afraid I'll get riskied"
by TacoPaco February 27, 2007
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