Term used by your buddy when he passed gas, released flatulent, fumigated your hallway, or crop dusted the meeting room
Douche 1:Dude look out, Brodie just ripped ass

Douche 2:I know he did it last time while waiting in line at starbucks
by Ch0c0late M00se July 29, 2011
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To take a shit or fart of God-like magnitude in a very unpleasant sounding, looking and smelling way. Typical examples can be found in public bathrooms, or after taco night.
Dude, the in the stall next to me was ripping ass, I swear he cracked the toilet.
by Briskly May 12, 2019
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to pass gas from ones ass
eew man somthing smells rank. did you just rip ass!
by jess April 29, 2003
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to fart so bad, u can actually feel the ripping of your colon shredding away. can also mean a really loud fat.
"holy crap" (fart)

"dude that was some major rip ass"
by ♣ACES HIGH♣ June 15, 2009
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Verb description: to secrete methane gas from the anal cavity in large enough portions to tear the ass hole.
"Oh man, I've had the worst gas all morning, I think I might rip ass."
by Taylor and Trevor April 20, 2008
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