When a person (usually an evil ghoul) dies and you want to celebrate. Used to emphasize how little you care about someone's death. Often used in combination with the phrase "smoking on that ____ pack" for greater effect.
"Did you hear Margaret Thatcher died?"
"Smoking on that Maggie pack, RIP Bozo"
by gorilladaspinna April 9, 2021
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Getting bozo’d is an often negative term referring to a person or persons being disappointed or loosing out on something
by Flamengo December 22, 2021
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An obscure phrase used to express extreme sorrow or guilt, especially in the death of a loved one
Guy: *answers phone* hello?
Caller: We are here to inform you that your son has passed away in hospital.
Guy: Rip Bozo lol
by ScarfedGoner November 21, 2022
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this is a form of nyc slang (or maybe new york slang in general) that those manga panel tiktok mfs oveuse on a daily.

anyways the word bozo is supposed to replace "dumbass/dumbasses", so basically the phrase "rip bozo" is supposed to mean "rip dumbass" or smth idk
person one: "bro my racist brother just died"
person two: "damn.. rip bozo 🤣🤣"
by chuusouljaontt May 24, 2021
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When a person is being annoying and they lose an argument, Rip bozo.
John: Haha you went 3-1 in a game
Bob: Uhh. Uhhhhh..
John: Rip bozo
by Bahaharipbozo January 13, 2021
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