2 definitions by gorilladaspinna

When a person (usually an evil ghoul) dies and you want to celebrate. Used to emphasize how little you care about someone's death. Often used in combination with the phrase "smoking on that ____ pack" for greater effect.
"Did you hear Margaret Thatcher died?"
"Smoking on that Maggie pack, RIP Bozo"
by gorilladaspinna April 9, 2021
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used to refer to a person you think of in a sexual way for some utility (e.g.) to get over an ex. Different than a rebound because you're self-aware.
Person 1: Damn i'm sorry you broke up with Rita but why are you going after Jessie?
Person 2: She's just a fucknugget bro, I just need her to be under me so I can get over Rita.
by gorilladaspinna April 19, 2021
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