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The best town in northen New Jersey. A beautiful, scenic place, filled with gorgeous girls, lots of weed, and fun people.
Ringwood kids are the coolest people ever. Everyone goes and gets high in the woods
by gathering_storm December 25, 2005
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a place where many youths congregate in various places such as stop and shop, main beach, (definately not cupsaw lake though...rat infested waters), cupsaw market, the woods, many hiking trails, and other convenient stores. at least 68% of the youth in ringwood smoke marijuana, but who are we to judge?

most of us who aren't rich assholes attend lakeland regional high school. lakeland regional is a school where the population is mainly filled with normal kids, yet with a small infestation of obnoxious mine area children. you really cannot walk down a hallway without hearing some words from their fucked up version of ebonics.

"shoot bouy, man get, buck, boy wit no chin, man said."

are just a few of the retarded things that they will say. aside from minies, there are an even more annoying group, who we call the jocks. they are even more obnoxious, and have even more retarded language that they use to communicate with eachother.

"clown. dirt. cherub. quer. shot. and of course, 'you're looking really big today man!'"

yeah, so pretty much they walk up and down the halls and talk about how big they are all the time, complimenting each other on how big they look (with very homoerotic groping and touching) and how they get mad pussy. even though, they really don't, and when they do it's because they intoxicated the girl to the point of near death. then aside from them, there are just the normal preppy kids, the emo kids, and the stoned kids.

lakeland regional high school is by far one of the most clique separated high schools in jersey. which is a good thing, cause it’s better not to have some of these groups interacting.

back to the town of ringwood itself,
it is a beautiful scenic area of jersey where the housewives bitch all the time about kids in town, and spread rumors like wild fires. i don't blame them, there's not much else to do. besides from the bitchy cupsaw housewives, ringwood is filled with genuinely nice people, who are all friendly to eachother. (besides the lake rivalries.)

ringwood is undoubtedly separated into 5 main regions, erskine, skyline, cupsaw, stonetown, and dirty ass mineyworld.

skyline having peter cooper, dirty fuckin skyline lake, the diner, skyline park, goldbergs, ringwood pizza, and mcdonalds.

erskine having main beach, little beach, upper lake, stop and shop, and the dive tower, swings, and hoop at main.

cupsaw having the market, and the shitty fuckin lake they claim to be the best in ringwood even though they have rat infested waters, and pretty much everything else that sucks dick is in cupsaw especially the people (besides a few people).

stonetown having pretty much nothing besides windbeam mountain and a firehouse.

mineyworld having sludge EVERYWHERE and a fucking recycling center. note to the minies: YOU HAVE A RECYLING CENTER RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE! WHY DO YOUR YARDS LOOK LIKE SHITHOLES STILL? sorry.

overall though, ringwood is my hometown, and i love everything about it, even the dirty parts. it's the best town to grow up in, and everyone who lives here will agree.

even when i leave here, it's always gonna be home to me.
ringwood can suck dick at some times, and be totally sweet at other times. but it's always home.
by brande brady April 02, 2009
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a place located in northern new jersey. scenery such as mountains hills and fields of marijuana plants satter the town giving joy to everyone. it has many youngsters walking around at night lokking for some fun. The cops are assholes so just try to avoid a cops too. Mad L's are blazed on a daily basis sometimes in automobiles. walking from point a to point b sucks. bonfires accompinied by bitches and beer make peoples nights
yo boi lets hit up then chill dudes from ringwood
by DndL August 26, 2008
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